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The things we offer:


Grading in Freestyle Karate

We have students at all levels - from complete novice to Black Belt.  We deliver a syllabus in Freestyle Karate with a heavy Kickboxing influence.  Students can learn and grade with us all the way from Red Belt (our first level belt) to Black Belt (3rd Degree).  We are members of the World Traditional Karate/Kickboxing Association (WTKA) who authorise and certify all gradings.



Although we focus on Martial Arts, over the years many people (especially ladies) have expressed to me how wonderful kickboxing techniques are for improving fitness, weight loss and generally just getting into shape. You are not compelled to go down the route of following syllabus etc to formally grade for belts. You are more than welcome to come along, have fun, kick and punch some pads and get that perfect shape!

Our Instructors:

         Natasha Thompson - Head Instructor and Owner


I started my Martial Arts journey around 20 years ago. I still remember my very first class when I was in awe of people with a red stripe on their white belt! I am now a 5th Degree Black Belt and I can’t explain how much this has added to my life. I now feel that I want to pass on all the things I have learnt to others, so you too can experience the benefits of Martial Arts.

Martin Fowler - Instructor 

Martin is a Black Belt 1st Dan.

Martin teaches in our Gleadless and Brimington classes each week.

          Michael Burgin - Instructor


Michael is a 1st Dan Black Belt.

Michael Instructs in all our Brimington classes, as well as working with our advanced students in our Gleadless classes.

         Poppy Walton - Assistant Instructor


Poppy is currently a 4th Dan Black Belt and teaches in our advanced Gleadless classes. Poppy has over 10 years training experience.


          Megan Rayworth - Instructor


Megan is a Black Belt 1st Dan.

Megan assist's with our Tiny Tot level students in Brimington and Gleadless.






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