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State of Mind Karate and Kickboxing

Thank you for considering State of Mind Freestyle Karate & Kickboxing! We have locations based in Sheffield, Rotherham and Chesterfield and all of our classes promote confidence building as well as anti-bullying, focus, discipline and respect.

Karate and Kickboxing Lessons in Sheffield, Rotherham and Chesterfield


In our classes you will learn self-defence, katas, syllabus techniques as well as improving your physical fitness, balance and co-ordination skills. 


If you are looking for somewhere to learn karate in Sheffield or nearby areas, we are a 'pay as you train' club, with very competitive prices, so that learning Martial Arts is affordable to the majority of children and adults.


Our philosophy is simple: it doesn't matter if you are not the fittest, strongest, most flexible or whatever; Martial Arts is a personal thing and people get out of it exactly what they put in.  We aim to match your drive and determination and provide the teaching and learning environment where people can flourish.

We have delivered numerous black belts within our karate club for those who want to pursuit that level of grading, and we're always happy to chat about your goals!


What We Offer

Grading in Freestyle Karate

At State of Mind wehave students at all levels - from complete novice to Black Belt.  We deliver a syllabus in Freestyle Karate with a heavy Kickboxing influence.  Students can learn and grade with us all the way from Red Belt (our first level belt) to Black Belt (3rd Degree).  We are members of the World Traditional Karate/Kickboxing Association (WTKA) who authorise and certify all gradings.


Although we focus on Martial Arts, over the years many people (especially ladies) have expressed to me how wonderful kickboxing techniques are for improving fitness, weight loss and generally just getting into shape. You are not compelled to go down the route of following syllabus etc to formally grade for belts. You are more than welcome to come along, have fun, kick and punch some pads and get that perfect shape!

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