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Meet Our Instructors 

At State of Mind we have a number off instructors to assist you within your journey.

All are qualified, have an up to date DBS and have attained their Black Belt.


Natasha Thompson

I started my Martial Arts journey around 20 years ago. I still remember my very first class when I was in awe of people with a red stripe on their white belt! I am now a 5th Degree Black Belt and I can’t explain how much this has added to my life. I now feel that I want to pass on all the things I have learnt to others, so you too can experience the benefits of Martial Arts.


Martin Fowler

Martin is a Black Belt 1st Dan.

Martin teaches in our Gleadless and Brimington classes each week.


Michael Burgin

Michael is  a 1st Dan Black Belt and you can find him instructing in our Brimington classes, as well as working with our advanced students in our Gleadless classes.

Poppy Walton

Poppy is currently a 4th Dan Black Belt and teaches in our advanced Gleadless classes. Poppy has over 10 years training experience.

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